argoPilot is a digital rotational speed controller (autopilot) for inland navigation, which can be used for one rudder system or for several rudder propellers. In special cases other propulsion systems can also be integrated.


  • High-precision control of the rate of turn using powerful PLC hardware

  • Interfaces to up to 4 rudder systems

  • Usage of existing levers possible

  • Touch display for the configuration of the autopilot and the display of the rate of turn

  • Compatible with all commonly used ROT indicators

  • Remote monitoring option

  • Intuitive setup via PC interface

  • Several control stations possible

  • Standard setup comparable to setup of commonly used autopilots

  • Robust construction in modular control cabinet

  • Perfectly adaptable to any type of vessel

Perfect monitoring of all relevant data in combination with argoMultiDisplay
Integration with argoPropControl, argoThrusterControl, and argoTrackPilot




Flexibility and expandability

Easy and inutitive handling

Compatibility with existing equipment