argoPropControl is an adaptable and expandable system for the electronical control of azimuth propellers or rudders from one or more control stations


  • Control of rudder hydraulics
    (azimuth propellers or classical rudders) with high performance control hardware

  • Revolution speed control for the propulsion engine
    (analog input or linear motor)

  • Activation of clutch and reversing gear (if present)

  • Emergency control for rudder angle

  • Emergency control for revolution speed

  • Control from up to 3 stations and the engine room

  • Alarm system

  • Galvanically separated main and emergency power supply

  • Seamless switching between power supplies

  • Monitoring of all inputs and outputs

  • Modular set-up with standard components in a control cabinet

  • Compatible with existing levers and inputs

  • Optional touchdisplay (argoMultiDisplay) for configuration and display of rudder angle and revolution speed

  • Optional remote monitoring

  • Simple configuration through PC interface

In combination with argoMultiDisplay no further engine control panel necessary
Perfect integration with argoPilot, argoAlarm and argoTrackControl


Maintainability through standard components

Safety in context of legal regulations

Flexibility and expandability

Easy and intuitive handling

Compatibility to other products and devices