argoThrusterControl is an adaptable system to electronically control the main and bow thrusters by actuating the revolution speed and direction from one or more stations


  • Transfer of the lever position to the engine input (0-10V, 4-20mA, linear motor)

  • Control of the clutch (if applicable)

  • Usage of reliable bus technologies for signal transfer

  • Sustainable and high performance control hardware

  • Compatible with existing levers and inputs

  • Interface for auto pilot argoPilot

  • Additional control and display from the engine room

  • Optional engine start/stop and emergency off

  • Optional argoMultiDisplay for configuration and to display revolution speed and other measurements

  • Optional monitoring of the cardan shaft/power train

  • Interfaces with all common thruster engines

  • Possibility for remote monitoring

  • Easy configuration through PC interface

  • Implementation of additional stations

In combination with argoMultiDisplay no further engine control panel necessary
Perfect integration with argoAlarm


Maintainability through standard components

Safety and reliability

Flexibility and expandability

Easy and inutitive handling

Compatibility with existing equipment