argoTracker is a GPS tracking system for the monitoring and surveillance of vessels, automobiles, trucks, and other mobile objects. The position as well as other data such as speed over ground etc. can be analyzed via the supplied geo portal.


  • Power supply: 6...30V DC or 230V AC with included power supply

  • Redundant power supply using internal battery

  • Capturing of position via GPS and transfer via GSM modem

  • Retention of data during GSM outages

  • Europe-wide coverage

  • Website to view current positions

  • Geo portal for the display of current and historical positions and other data

  • Easy installation and launch

argoTracker – Europe-wide, dependable, and economical monitoring and surveillance of a single vessel or of an entire fleet


Europe-wide monitoring and surveillance

Uninterrupted data

Intuitive operation

Comprehensive access

Compact installation