Our contribution to FernBin

The Project FernBin – remote-controlled, coordinated inland navigation – officially ended on 31st March 2024. The final demonstration on 21st March in Duisburg was more than successful.

With our navigation platform, we at Argonics have made a significant contribution to the realisation of remote control on board and on land. It makes it possible to bring together the control elements and navigation instruments on board in one central location and make them available to the skipper at a glance. In addition to displaying all navigation elements in the remote control station, it also includes the remote control function itself.

In addition to implementing the platform in the remote control station, we researched a standardised interface to facilitate access to the navigation platform and the integration of additional sensors.

Our argoTrackPilot was also used again. The new load and water level-dependent route planning was already integrated and made operation easier for our test subjects.

Our subsidiary Argonav was responsible, among other things, for the transmission and visualisation of radar information and the recording of the ship's immediate surroundings using LiDAR sensors (laser scanners). The new argoRadarPilot was used for this.

We are delighted to be able to look back on four years of intensive collaboration and innovative research together with our partners.