Version 3.1 available

Version 3.1 of the argoTrackPilot available starting from today

The latest version of the argoTrackPilot has been available since today. TrackPilot owners can download and install the upcoming update themselves.

🆕 What's new?
Adjustable transition speed
A new function has been implemented in TrackPilot that makes it possible to adjust the transition speed at large distances from the line in four different stages. This setting can be made either via the user interface or by moving the Alphatron joystick forwards and backwards. The speed set in this way is displayed in the "Reset offset" button. You can find a short video on how it works here:

➕ And more
You can read about all the new features and changes in the Changelog on our homepage.

As always, we wish our customers a good and, above all, safe journey!