argoTrackPilot is the world's first automatic track-keeping system for inland vessels along pre-defined guiding lines. argoTrackPilot embodies the next logical step toward an autonomous vessel beyond autopilots (ROT controllers).
argoTrackPilot ensures that the vessel remains on the guiding line during all weather and light conditions. The skipper is alleviated from tiring routine work during navigation. The skipper takes action only when necessary by choosing an appropriate offset to the guiding line.

New: Videos explaining how to use new features.


  • Guiding lines adjustable by the skipper

  • Optimized guiding lines possible depending on loading conditions and water levels in order to lower fuel consumption

  • Easy adjustment of offset to guiding line for passing and meeting of other vessels

  • Predictive navigation through guiding line analysis

  • Interface to all commonly used autopilots:

    • AlphaPilot MF und AlphaTrioPilot MF, MK2 from Alphatron
    • Titan/Sigma/Falcon P503 MK II from RadioZeeland
    • RiverPilot S3 and ST49 from SchwarzTechnik
    • Navmate Autopilot
    • Veth Autopilot
  • Less rudder action through predictive navigation

  • Small deviation from guiding line during all weather and light conditions

  • Perfectly compatible with argoPilot

  • Result of 30 years of research and testing on various inland vessels

  • Perfectly suitable as an extension to all commonly used ECDIS:

    • RadarPilot 720° from IN - innovative Navigation
    • Navigis River from Tresco Engineering
    • Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer
  • Certified Control Hardware: DNV GL, LR, ABS, BV, NK, KR, RINA


Version 2.6

Release: 14th November 2022

New Features

  • Transition line: Display of the expected path
  • Online updates: notification of updates and self-installation without external help
  • argoTracks favorites: Display and selection of the last selected tracks
  • Recording of rudder angle (argoTrackPilot seriell only)
  • QR code with a link to the service homepage in the graphical user interface


  • Hint at available argoTracks for download
  • Step size of the buttons for moving the track adjustable
  • Revision of the argoTracks user interface:
    • Display of the complete active track
    • Switching between selection of a new track and display of the currently active track

Version 2.4

Release: 8th July 2022


  • Stability improvements for the AIS interface
  • System software update

Version 2.3

Release: 14th February 2022

New features

  • Length of blue line extended
  • Strong-wind-button: Special compensation of strong cross-winds
  • argoTracks: New web-based overview and selection of guiding lines
  • Estimation of ROT offset
  • argoLaneWarning: Introduction of special warning signal in case of potential collisions
  • Back-to-line-button: Short press moves red line through ship, long press returns red line to blue line


  • Removal of empty profiles
  • Highlighting of active guiding line
  • AIS interface: Improvement of the detection of valid data
  • Quick access to important control parameters

Version 2.2

Release: 26th July 2021

New features

  • argoLaneWarning: AIS-based collision warning along guiding line
  • argoTargetPilot: Platooning for inland vessels, automatic following of AIS targets, based on vessel train project NOVIMAR. Smoothness of reference track improved
  • argoTracks: Filtering by name


  • Check of course over ground in Kalman filter improved
  • Stream velocity preserved after change of profile
  • Standard settings adjusted: PresetGain = 1.5, MaxDistance = 30m
  • Maximum dimming of Alphatron Touchpanel restricted
  • Maximum stream velocity restricted to 10km/h
  • Warning in case of missing AIS data
  • Active page on argoTrackPilot touch panel marked

Version 2.1

Release: 6th April 2021

New features

  • Deadman warning configurable by captain
  • User interface for setting the stream speed simplified


  • Fixed: values ​​no longer displayed after changing the language on the touch display of argoTrackPilot
  • Fixed: alarm symbol on touch displays not showing any alarm state anymore

Version 2.0

Release: 1st January 2021

New features

  • argoTargetPilot: Automatic AIS target follower
  • argoHapticFeedback: Interface with actuated tiller
  • Providing tracks and displaying news directly via touch display


  • Advanced controller settings for captains
  • LED ring around the joystick on AlphaRiverTrackPilots showing the current state of the TrackPilot

argoTrackPilot is the first automatic track-keeping system worldwide which has been successfully launched on numerous inland vessels


Stress reduction of the skipper

Safety improvement

Reduction of fuel consumption & material wear

Certified Hardware