Subsidy opportunities

Product: argoTrackPilot

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The argoTrackPilot is eligible for funding at any time. Thanks to the current "Richtlinie zur Förderung der nachhaltigen Modernisierung von Binnenschiffen", funding can be applied for at any time.

Funding for the sustainable modernization of inland waterway vessels by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport was extended until the end of 2026
The argoTrackPilot has already been funded more than 100 times since the start of the funding measures.

All at a glance

  • argoTrackPilot (track guidance system) is eligible for funding
  • Excels in two of the required categories according to paragraph 2.1 (formerly 3.1.1.):
    Increased efficiency & enhanced safety
  • Required forms can be found at
  • Here you will find the FAQs

You could indicate the following points in your application for funding:

Increased efficiency

  • Minimizing the rudder movements leads to reduced fuel consumption and less wear on the rudder system.
  • When sailing automatically along our optimized tracks, the ship's resistance and thus fuel consumption are further reduced.

Safety improvement

  • Even when sailing at night or in fog, our argoTrackPilot achieves consistently low track deviation.
  • The skipper is spared tiring routine work – he can concentrate on monitoring.