argoTrackPilot Version 3.0 available

argoRoutePlanner - Unloading-optimized route planning

The argoRoutePlanner is our latest optional module. It offers comprehensive route planning, taking your own draught into account. Discharge depth and safety margin can be individually adjusted. The module is operated via the familiar argoTracks map view and is available for all argoTrackPilot variants.

The argoRoutePlanner is available to all argoTrackPilot users free of charge until the end of January kostenlos .

Automatic adjustment of flow speed and flow direction

With the new update, our argoTrackPilot has become a bit smarter again!
To make your daily work easier, our system now detects major deviations between your set flow speed and direction and adjusts them at the touch of a button.

argoCrontrolPanel flex - new user interface especially for PCs
Our user interface is now available in a practical window view, independent of the system. This makes it even easier to integrate our argoTrackPilot into your system and eliminates the need for installation work in the wheelhouse.

Update today!

To our AlphaRiverTrackPilot customers:

Please restart the display after each update. Only then is the update really complete and we can rule out sources of error.

If you have any questions about the update, please contact the support hotline. Further information can also be found in the release notes.