AISS 2020 in Duisburg

NOVIMAR vesseltrain at DST:

  • Manually controlled leader vessel
  • Fully automatic follower vessel controlled by Argonics argoTrackPilotVT
  • Upstream, sailing initially at velocity over ground of 0
  • Scale 1:16, vessel length 6,9m (110m original size)
  • Time 10x

Many thanks to the wonderful team at DST! We are having a blast!

argoTargetPilot: Platooning for Inland Vessels

Check out our latest video from Scylla’s Geoffrey Chaucer.
Automatically following AIS targets at a defined distance through the combination of argoTrackPilot/AlphaRiverTrackPilot and AlphaFuelControl. The distance to the vessel in front is automatically controlled. As reference track, one can choose the path of the vessel in front or the own guiding line.
Check out the Argonics website at and Alphatron’s website at Thank you Robert Reitsma from Scylla for this great opportunity!